Development Course Details

Development Course Details
IBM WebSphere Portal Course Overview

IBM WebSphere Portal products provide enterprise web portals that help companies deliver a highly-personalized, social experience for their customers. WebSphere Portal products give users a single point of access to the applications, services, information and social connections they need. These products help increase visitor response and reduce web operations cost while offering a range of capabilities to meet your business needs.
IBM WebSphere Portal Course content:

Overview of IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0
  • Working with portlet concepts 
  • Performing basic tasks 
  • Creating, deploying, and testing a portlet 
  • Working with the core API 
  • Working with core portlet objects 
  • Using tag libraries 
  • Using tag libraries in portlet applications 
  • Processing portlet input 
  • Processing client input requests 
  • Customizing portlet behavior 
  • Customizing portlet behavior 
  • Working with client-side aggregation 
  • Interactive portlets 
  • Developing and testing interactive portlets 
  • Introduction to JavaServer Faces (JSF) 
  • Creating a JSF portlet application 
  • iWidget development 
  • Developing an iWidget 
  • Serving resources 
  • Creating a resource serving portlet 
  • Using Dojo and Ajax in portal development 
  • Using Dojo in a portlet application 
  • Overview of portlet services 
  • Creating a custom portlet service 
  • Working with portlet services 
  • Using a standard portlet service 
  • Building portlet filters 
  • Developing and testing a portlet filter 
  • Implementing personalization 
Developing and testing components by using personalization
  • Creating a portal brand 
  • Creating a portal brand 
  • Creating multichannel Portal applications 
  • Creating a multichannel Portal application 
Developing Web Sites Using IBM Web Content Manager
  • Getting started 
  • Building a web page 
  • Creating your core web content items 
  • Creating pages and page templates 
  • Content acquisition 
  • Adding navigational components to your website 
  • Adding rule-based content 
  • Custom authoring features 
  • Change management 
  • Item management 
  • User access and security 

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