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IBM WebSphere Portal Scripting

IBM WebSphere Portal Express provides a scripting platform that increases the potential for automated solution deployment and administrati...


How to Use friendly URLs without state information in WebSphere

1. In the portal WP Configuration Service(REP), set the custom property friendly.redirect.enabled to the value false. 2. In the theme,...


Creating schedulers in Websphere Portal Server

we can create multiple schedulers within a single server, cluster, node or cell. Each configured scheduler is an  independent task schedul...


Adding New Language in Portal

Adding New Language in Portal If you come to see that the date is not displaying as usual in portal, then you should know that the loc...


Hiding the Portal Pages

In WebSphere Portal, while you are creating a new page under content root, it will be shown on the quick links navigation. If you don...


Dojo Charts

Dojo comes with an amazing charting library, in the form of dojox.charting. You can create different types of versions 2D chart, 3D Chart,...


Interview Questions

How to change the default portal URI /wps/portal after installation ? Set the property WpsContextRoot to the new URI and run ./W...

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