IBM WebSphere Portal Installation

Installation of IBM WebSphere Portal

IBM WebSphere Portal Installation

Here, we will show you the first (1st) phase of Installing IBM WebSphere Portal Express. These are the steps to check with you before installing the IBM WebSphere Portal Express Software.

There are four types of software’s that can be installed in IBM WebSphere Portal. They are listed as follows:

  1. IBM WebSphere Portal Server software
  2. IBM WebSphere Portal Enable software
  3. IBM WebSphere Portal Extend software
  4. IBM WebSphere Portal Express software 

Through this IBM WebSphere Portal Server software foundation WebSphere Portal services and serves as the cornerstone of all WebSphere Portal offerings are provided.

By using this IBM WebSphere Portal Enable software contains all the features of WebSphere Portal Server software plus significant added content management and workflow functionality for supporting the core business applications and processes.

By using IBM WebSphere Portal Extend software includes the capabilities of WebSphere Portal Enable software plus more robust collaboration and electronic forms capabilities.

This IBM WebSphere Portal Express software provides a comprehensive set of ready-to-use portal and out-of-the-box, collaboration features and document management designed for small and midsize businesses and departments within larger organizations.

  • The bundle is different, but the code is unique.
  • For the small business organizations, this WebSphere Portal Express is designed.
  • For the large scale business organizations, IBM WebSphere Portal Enable and IBM WebSphere Portal Extend are designed.
  • Installation and configuration of DB2 is done by WebSphere Portal Express.
  • You have to configure the WebSphere Portal and WebSphere Portal Extend manually with other databases because it comes with Derby.
  • The license package is different for WebSphere Portal Express and WebSphere Portal Enable, Extend.
  • The license allows clustering with WebSphere Portal Enable and WebSphere Portal Extend
  • The license forbids clustering with WebSphere Portal Express.

Is your OS 32 bit or 64 Bit?

  • If your OS is 64 bit, Install 32-bit Linux libraries because the Installer application is 32 bit.
  • Change the shell program /bin/sh to point to the right shell.

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