IBM WebSphere Portal Scripting

IBM WebSphere Portal Express provides a scripting platform that increases the potential for automated solution deployment and administration of the portal. The Portal Scripting Interface permits to produce scripts that portal administrators can utilize to carry out administrative tasks from a command line.
The Portal Scripting Interface permits portal solution engineers to write down scripts that are afterwards implemented by operation teams for solution deployment. These scripts have the similar process as the portal administration user interface. This permits you to execute automated configuration management for different variety of configuration alterations.
IBM WebSphere Scripting Portal

Using this Portal Scripting Interface, we can manage the portal setup by implementing commands. We can do this in two different ways one by entering the commands into a console window with interactive scripting and followed by  pressing the Enter key, the other is writing down the commands into a file and executing the file.

Scripts can assists us to divide the administrative work burden  among development and operation groups. Even if the development teams cannot work interactively with the productions system, they can apply the similar administrative proceedings by using the scripts. The use of scripts improves accessibility and quality of the solution as development engineers can write and test the scripts without interrupting with the production system. Scripts offers repeatability and bypasses user errors that are probable in manual administration process.
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