Adding New Language in Portal

Adding New Language in Portal

If you come to see that the date is not displaying as usual in portal, then you should know that the locale might not be fully supported by the portal installed. If you want to rectify this disability then simply add the language en_ZA. For accessing the XML configuration interface, you should use a command line tool. This third client (command line tool)  is a tiny programmed tool which is used for connecting to the server by using an HTTP connection. Either you can also use a secure HTTPS connection. Now after doing this you can remotely configure the portal.
Adding New Language in Portal

Full syntax: /WebSphere/PortalServer/bin/xmlaccess.sh -url localhost:10038/wps/config -in CreatLanguage.xml -out /tmp/result.xml

Should run with: ./xmlaccess.sh -in /tmp/CreateLanguage.xml
Respond to user/password prompts
For importing the language, you should be having administrative rights.

Problem of Unique Names in the Portal

The pages that are given with the (same) unique names while creating the page do not work properly.

Are you facing the same problem! No more now! I have found a remedy!

This can be resolved by exporting those pages. And by the by this exported xml file you need to replace the generated unique name with the one you want to assign. Now again import the xml file.
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